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Step & Repeat & Grand Entrence

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Rachel's Sweet 16 @ The Loft

For Rachel, we went with a nice

BLUE VIP Carpet, and 6 sets of Blue

Velvet Ropes with Silver Stanchions,

to match her Wonderland Theme.

Then we added 2 Mini LED Towers, and

2 white tree sculpures on top.

For Kylie, we went with  

Black VIP Carpet and Silver Stanchions.

Instead of velvet, we used two color Braided ropes to match her

Black and Gold Bling theme.

Then we added 2 Mini LED Towers,

2 Light boxes and 2 black tree sculpures

on top.  For a little extra, we sprinkled costume diamonds around the tops

of the boxes!

Kylie's Sweet 16 @ The Loft

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Available in an all-inclusive package, we offer everything from velvet and braided ropes, carpet runners and even decor sculptures!

Available in a variety of colors!